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LUHbots - Ein Studierendenteam des Mechatronik Zentrum Hannover


Team LUHbots is a pure student project. Although hosted and supervised by the Mechatronic Center Hannover, the team members are students that do their contribution beside the studies. The name “LUHbots” shows the affinity to their University the Leibniz Universität Hannover Robots.

Student Team LUHbots

Welcome on the website of Team LUHbots, the first RoboCup@Work Team from Hannover, Germany.

Team LUHbots was founded by students of mechanical engineering and mechatronics from the Leibniz University Hanover in the year 2012. Beyond their studies the students engage in current questions in the field of robotics. The Institute for Mechatronic Systems is the team’s initiator.

The Team is participating in RoboCup@Work, the industie-orientated newest league of RoboCup. To find out more about RoboCup please visit our “Link” section.

Even the Team was only founded 2012, they won every RoboCup@Work competition of the first year. Currenty the team is vize german champion (“Deutscher Vizemeister”) as well as vize world champion.

 Videos zum Team finden Sie hier