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Technologieplattform LUHbots

Technologieplattform für 3D Umgebungserkennung und autonome Navigation

The team is working with a mobile omnidirectional platform based on the KUKA youBot, which is equipped with a 5 DOF manipulator. The software and hardware components are continuously developed further to optimally encounter the changing requirements. Some of the improvements are the installation of additional sensors and the construction of an individually designed gripper.

The evolution of the development means in particular (only changes regarding the previous model are mentioned):

2014 Robot (German Open, WorldCup Brazil)

  • Software: ROS Hydro running on Ubuntu 12.10, modified youbot-ROS-driver
  • Totally new 3D Object Detection (geometry based)
  • Sensors: 3D TOF Camera on Manipulator added, second laser-scanner at the back added

2013 Robot (German Open & WorldCup Eindhoven)

  • Software: ROS Groovy running on Ubuntu 12.10, modified youbot-ROS-driver
  • Totally rewritten statemachine concept allowing solving of every exercise with the same programm
  • Customized XML-based RefereeBox server and client software for further RoboCup events

2012a Robot (WorldCup Mexico City)

  • Software: ROS Electric running on Ubuntu 11.10
  • Sensors: Hokuyo Laser Range Finder at the front, manipulator camera (2D webcam), other sensors removed
  • Custom Gripper Fingers
  • Custom manipulator control node, allowing smooth movement
  • Powerful 2D object detection (geometry based)

2012b Robot (iROS Vilamoura)

  • Sensors: Hokuyo Laser Range Finder at the front supported by custom infrared near field sensor-system, manipulator camera (2D webcams)
  • Hardware: Updgraded the internal PC to a ULV Core i7 CPU supported by 8 GB RAM
  • Custom Gripper based on fast servos (triples opening width)
  • Custom mounting adapter for the manipultor (enhanced object manipulation range)

2011 Robot (pre RoboCup)

  • Platform: KUKA youBot
  • Software: ROS Diamondback running on Ubuntu 11.04
  • Sensors: Hokuyo Laser Range Finder at the front, front camera and manipulator camera (both 2D Webcams), experiments with ultrasonic sensors at the sides and back
  • Custom Emergency Stop Button and Remote
  • External 2.4 GHz Wifi Module (for better range and troughput)